The Pet Barracks The best place for your dogs and cats!

The Pet Barracks provides the ultimate experience in pet boarding,
daycare, and grooming, and offers a truly unique and safe environment for
your pet. Each pet must be up to date on all necessary vaccinations, and we provide
individualized care and personalized attention for each pet that stays with us.​

About Us
Your pet’s health, safety, and comfort are our top priority! We have a high Staff to Pet Ratio, and a continuously monitored security system with multiple cameras throughout the buildings. All kennels are steam cleaned twice a day, all bedding is washed every 3 days, and both buildings are equipped with heating and air-conditioning to keep your pet comfortable!

Dogs love to play! So expect your dog to be tired from at least 4 hours of playtime per day. We do realize that because all pets are different, some aren’t interested in group play, so we can customize your pets care according to their individual needs.

Your cat will enjoy the royal treatment here! Each cat has their own three-tiered cat condo, and will rotate playtime in the living room area. With couches, dark caves made of blankets, and great views of the outside, they will feel right at home!

For more information visit our FAQ page
We are open daily from 6:00am-7:00pm
Tours are available at any time during our normal operating hours with no need for an appointment!